antique bird books

I have this set of gorgeous bird books that I purchased months ago from an amazing treasure hunter in the States.  These delicate coverless books were originally printed in 1880 and the illustrations are absolutely lovely.  I HAD to have them, but here’s the thing….. Now that they are mine, what should I do with them!

I definitely have my favorite illustrations (the swallows being one of them) but the pages are so old and fragile that small pieces break off every time I turn a page.


chirp, chirp!

After keeping them safely wrapped up these past couple months, I think I have finally decided to frame them…..I think…..Yikes!  In order to frame the pages I like the most I will have to take the books apart.  I am hesitating to do that…..

…but they do look so nice

Really, in all honesty, each book was around $15 dollars, so I don’t think I’ll be making a mint off them by selling them at any time in the future.  It just seems wrong to remove the pages from their original binding, but wouldn’t they be safer, contained in a frame, behind glass?   Is anyone out there into antiquing?  Leave me a comment,  I’d love your input!



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