…and finally we have a dining room!

PAINT  wall color: BM summer harvest   trim color: BM snowfall white


And here it is folks!  As promised pictures of our ‘naked’ dining room.  The construction process is complete (minus a few paint touch ups here and there) but is still rather sparse as I will likely be spending the next few weeks searching for all the pretty finishing touches.  Despite lacking the obvious area rug and window treatments it is still a welcome change from the original state of the room:


Hardwood flooring immediately replaced the white carpets before we had even moved in.  Something about wall to wall carpeting in a dining room just isn’t %100 right.  After going through the unpacking process (TRIPLE YAWN FEST!) we were ready to tackle the rest of the construction in this room.  We had to remove all the existing trim from the walls, which was not difficult but did leave the walls in a nasty mess.  It took a few good weekends to get the walls back in shape with several applications of mudding and sanding.


what. a. mess.
The design of this room has faint roots in the Arts and Crafts  style in that it is “simple in form and without superfluous decoration”, but any influence of this style has been modernized with; the painted finish, the materials used and the hidden joinery.  We also have a mid century modern dining set (which we LOVE) so the space ends up being a little eclectic as far as staying true to one design style or another goes.  I won’t get into a history lesson now, but for those who are interested, some google worthy names are: William Morris and Gustav Stickley.  Forefathers of the American Arts and Crafts style, not to mention producers of gorgeous textiles and furniture.

the old trim is much more detailed, ornamental, and traditional looking.  the new trim is clean lined with zero curves

We ended up manufacturing our own trim for this room.  We used MDF (medium density fiber board) as we knew that the final product would have a painted finish, and it really helps to keep the cost down.  Initially, once the design had been agreed upon, we intended to cut all our pieces and simply nail gun them to the wall.  Easy-peasy, right?  WRONG.  Because we knew that we wanted all the joints to be invisible after the trim was painted we needed a much more accurate way to line up all the individual pieces of trim so that they were perfectly flush with one another.

start zee laza!!

So, off came half of the trim we had already installed and on we went to biscuit joining all the pieces together.  This ensured a snug fit that sat flush.  We also used the ‘no nails’ adhesive product between the trim and the wall to minimize movement of the trim over time.
BUT it was all worth it!  I have to say I LOVE the way the room looks now, so bright and sunny!  The dining room I have always wanted…

lighting:  Zuo Modern      table:  own (vintage)

vase: Ikea (no longer available)    birds: (gift)     sideboard: own (vintage)

silver bowl : Homesense

assorted wicker balls:  Tag

white planters: Homesense


I am working on doing up some digital color boards, and treating myself like a proper design client.  I will be sure to share them as soon as they are finished…..I am caught between color palettes, right now the possibilites seem endless, so I need to get serious and do some narrowing down 🙂

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    April 13, 2012 at 2:04 am

    This is beautiful! I love the wall colour and the clean lines of the room 🙂 So homey! I can’t wait to see it in person!! I also love how you set up your blog, before and after pics are sooooo effective.
    Keep up the good work!

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