All about sarah: a pep talk from Mrs. Richardson

Now, as promised, a little synopsis on the conference I attended, and most notably, the speech given by the lovely and talented Sarah Richardson.

This past weekend I ventured to the big city, as I often do, but instead of shopping I attended a design bloggers conference with keynote speaker, Sarah Richardson.  Okay.  I lie.  I absolutely went shopping, but more on that another day.

Blogpodium is held once a year in Toronto for all design and lifestyle bloggers.  I have wanted to go since I just missed last years event.  A year is a long time to wait.  But it was entirely worth it.  This year, as well as hearing Sarah speak, I was able to attend intimate seminars with a list of incredibly talented ladies (and gent!).

Former editor, and current gift stylist and freelance writer Corinna vanGerwen, lifestyle blogger, photographer and graphic designer Stephanie Sterjovski , blogger and social media specialist Brittany Stager, Interior Designer and TV Host Meredith Heron , West Elm store manager Neil Gazmen, and Blogger, TV Host, and writer Karen Bertelsen.

blogpodium 4

All of the beautiful pictures in this post are courtesy of the talented Anna from Anna with Love Photography.  A Toronto based photographer who caught the whole of this amazing day on film for all attendees!  You can check out her blog through the link as well.

The decor for the day was simple, trendy and adorable, and someone PLEASE leave a note in the comments as to who was responsible for it!  It was just lovely.

blogpodium 2

Sarah was the first speaker of the day and whoa, what a way to start it.  I must begin by saying that Sarah is the most engaging, intimate, speaker I have had the pleasure of experiencing.  She instantly makes the room feel like her home, and the entire audience is welcome to it. She says without saying:  lets have a tea and a chat.  She is charismatic, dedicated to her craft, AND to living a balanced FUN filled life.  She is honest, genuine and instantly likeable.  I do not use the terms “honest and genuine” lightly, but know in this case I use them freely and eagerly. Sarah Richardson is as real as it gets.

blogpodium 3

Being the keynote speaker at a conference attended by designers and bloggers Sarah’s focus was on creating, growing and maintaining a business.  If you have followed Sarah’s television career over the years, you would agree, she is pretty much an expert on the topic. Here are some of the most notable quotes of the day:

“Have a signature style.  Create this by doing what you love. Make everything you do reflect who you are.”

“Have a point of view and unique perspective.”

“A business grows out of passion and talent.  Get out there and DO IT.  Continue to learn by doing.”

“Be concerned with the very smallest detail.”

I think the quote that most accurately sums up her talk was:

“Be Kind.  What is the purpose of your message?”

How truly inspiring.  With all the talk of being honest, real, and genuine in your life and in your business, what an inspiration to meet someone who really is.

Stayed tuned next week for a quick overview from a few of the other speakers at this fantastic event.  Meredith Heron, Karen Bertelsen and Neil Gazmen were particularly hilarious, and had HOARDS of information to share.





UPDATE:  All decorations provided by Minted and styling was by the team at We Create Hoopla!

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    September 26, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    What a fantastic recap! I’m looking forward to your next post as well since I didn’t have the chance to attend the sessions myself. So glad you made it to this year’s event!

    All decorations were provided my and the styling was by the fabulous team at

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