a traditional holiday mantel


I have a mantel to decorate this year!  Its not much, as most of the prime real estate is taken up by the television set, but you can STILL muster up some WOW in a small space.  I’ve put together two variations of mantel decor for you this year.  Two differing ideas have been bouncing around my head and I just can’t decide which I like best.  This one is more traditional, the other, slightly more modern.



…..do you?



I wanted to work with some items that I already had and not blow the budget, its so easy to go crazy with Holiday decorating!  While digging through my Christmas boxes back in November, I came across this ‘vintage’ Believe ornament.  Its covered with a ‘so-tacky-its-cool’ red velvet, and I love the message; a bit of nostalgia for the magic of the season.



evergreen boughs {Sobeys} oversized red ornaments {Homesense} battery operated lights {Michaels}



I had a hard time catching the sparkle of the lights through the boughs with my camera.  Oh how I wish for professional photography skills at times like these!  It really does glitter nicely.  I used live boughs this year and simply wove battery operated string lights through them.  The oversized ornaments were picked up inexpensively at Homesense, and I added the black ribbon myself.  I attached them to the ceiling with thumb tacks and voila! A pretty, easy traditional mantel.




Stay tuned for option two next week!

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