A new entry: preparing to knock out some walls

Our next renovation is our front entry.  We need a much more functional space, especially with winter around the corner bringing snowsuits, giant wet boots, and all other cold weather gear.  We won’t be replacing the floor just yet, that will happen when the adjoining kitchen gets gutted, but we will be knocking out some walls!!  Here is the current situation:

front entry BEFORE 2

Although the floors do not meet the ultimate aesthetic for the home, the new floor in this area will run right through the kitchen and we won’t be gutting the kitchen just yet.  But, that doesn’t mean we can’t do some other major changes to make this space function more easily for a busy family.  This area is not a huge space, so when all four of us arrive home at the same time, its a bit of a traffic jam.  Add in one highly excitable dog and its a recipe for stress, just setting foot in the door.

Design is much more than lookin’ good folks!  It’s all about function, and a home that is designed to meet the needs of its inhabitants makes for stress free living!  This means designing a space for everything, so everything can go in its place.  Any mama knows less time spent tidying, and making it easy for kids to put away their own things, can reduce stress dramatically!  I’m looking to achieve this in our front entry, and I have a plan to make it happen.

Front entry BEFORE 3

In order to alleviate the traffic jam phenomenon, there needs to be space in the hall for two people to pass through freely.  When that closet door gets opened this is not possible.  So, the closet door goes!  I admit, this is a little frightening because that means we can not longer shut the door on a messy closet!  and we definitely have more things to store than a fancy open ‘cubby’ built-in will nicely hold.  This built-in by Muse Interiors is lovely, but with my family it will end up being a mess.  The kiddies are too little to help keep it looking nice, plus we will still need some closed hanging storage.


via Houzz.com from MUSE INTERIORS

We do need a bench, somewhere to sit to put on boots and snowpants.  We also need some file organization for mail, flyers, and the kids school planners and newsletters.  In order to meet all these requirements I needed more space.  That is why we have decided to sacrifice the adjoining kitchen pantry to the entry.  Once the kitchen renovation is complete it will address this loss of storage in that area, but I have plenty of ideas to remedy it in the meantime….but that will come later!

This is the plan…for now.  Once we start removing walls things may change!  I am looking foward to getting started!  I’d like a new entry before the snow flies.  Stay tuned to see how things will work out!

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