This year I didn’t want to go too crazy and purchase all new Holiday decor, and I knew I could work with items I already had to create a copper colored Christmas. Yes.  I fully realize how insane it potentially is that I have different ‘themes’ for my Holiday decor, but…OH SO FUN.  Here is a little sneak peek of what is going on around here.


Copper Holiday

I used copper plumbing pipe to add to the collection this year.  The grouping of the three large diameter pipes will become a center piece on the dining table.  The votives for the mantel are end caps for 2″ pipes.  The perfect size!  I just polished them up and oh how they shine.  I think copper is the perfect metal for that Holiday sparkle.

I reused my glittery black globe ornaments from last year, as well as these little lovelies my girls had a blast making.  I have a few ideas using the smaller copper pipe to make mini Christmas trees and wreaths with them this year.  These will fill out the tree and add that sparkle!  A few copper colored foxes and the initial ornaments from Indigo’s Monogram collection, the tree is complete!

Copper Holiday 2

The white nutcrackers I had from last year, I just added this unfinished wooden guy to the collection.  This little vignette will get filled out with greenery and white lights. Voila!

Only 5 days left, but I’m still going strong!  Better late than never!

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